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The eduroam wireless network is an international network that allows you to join the Internet for free wherever it is eduroam (not only in our school but also in other institutions that are connected to the eduroam network and provide this connection). You can find the list of organizations connected to the eduroam network here. The eduroam network can be our students will also be able to sign in to our school other organizations connected to the eduroam network using their own login credentials home organization.

To ensure high security for login to eduroam, each user has their own login information, see the instructions below.

To use eduroam network in our school’s premises other institutions involved in this network need to be respected Roaming policy and the rules of the institution providing eduroam connections.


Rules for using the eduroam in Elementary school and kindergarten Frýdek-Místek, El. Krásnohorské 2254

Using eduroam network in school is free of charge. Operation eduroam nen s in our network is limited (for now). The eduroam network is logged for 6 months to trace any illegal activity or other activity that violates the eduroam school policy and policy.


Instructions for connection to eduroam network

The connection to the eduroam network is realized through the login name and password, each user has his / her data. This data is used to login to the school domain. Users of other institutions must use their own data obtained in their home institution for eduroam network login.

General connection information:

SSID wi-fi identifier: eduroam

Authentication: 802.1x (EAP)

Wi-Fi security: WPA2

WI-FI Encryption: AES


Connect your device to the eduroam network

Prepared connection for institutional users Elementary school and kindergarten Frýdek-Místek, El. Krásnohorské 2254 see the link below.

Simply select your device type and go through the wizard by filling in the required data. The main advantage of using the link below is security, since the login certificate is correctly set up and checked. So you do not have to concerns about alienating your identity.

Users from of other institutions (users who do not have an ex. ) must download version z for secure connection setup their institution at


Detailed procedures for individual devices can be found at this address:

Note: If you connect using Windows and set connection properties, set the following values ​​in the Protected EAP properties:



Connections in Brief:

  • click the wi-fi eduroam network
  • fill in your username and password that you received in your organization


  • click connect
  • then you should be able to connect to the Internet and other Internet services



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eduroam is a registered trademark of the company TERENA.

The file institution.xml to download here.

Czech version here.